• Celia Lopez

    Celia Lopez

  • Jacob Wright

    Jacob Wright

  • Jonathan Berk

    Jonathan Berk

    Working at intersection of real estate, community and tech to realize a city's full potential.

  • Elizabeth Sullivan

    Elizabeth Sullivan

    Fitness & Nutrition Consultant|Author| Founder | Trainer in a Box www.personaltrainerinabox.com IG @elizabethkayfit www.iwearmuscles.com

  • Daniel Vojcak

    Daniel Vojcak

    Daniel Vojcak is your future CEO, Lawyer, Public Policy Expert, Sustainability Business Consultant, or Government Agent

  • Sam Vlessing

    Sam Vlessing

    Founder, CEO at CommerceBear | 4th generation furniture industry building B2B SaaS for multichannel furniture wholesalers ⚡

  • Tejean Smith

    Tejean Smith

  • JC Diaz

    JC Diaz

    Finding truth to questions like, “what should I eat today?”

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