The Future of Fitness

4 min readNov 10, 2020


It’s no question that the way we exercise has changed dramatically in recent years, and especially over the last few decades. It seems like every month there’s a new health or fitness craze, whether it’s a new gadget or type of workout. The truth is, this endless range of fitness products and services to choose from is just making it increasingly difficult to identify what makes each one so different (if at all), but better yet, which one to commit to. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the paradox of choice has never been so relevant!

With the rising fear of commitment and anxiety that comes with decision making, at Silofit, we’re happy to at least remove the regret that tends to trickle down afterward. At least that’s one of the problems we’re solving!

In case this is the first you’re hearing of us, we are the first and only pay-as-you-go private gym studio out there. There are no memberships or hidden fees. You literally just pay for the time you need, when you need it! Just select the studio you’d like to reserve on our app, book it for the time you need, and work out in your own private gym. It’s really that simple!

How it all started

The idea came along when our CEO, Wilfred Valenta, was looking for a gym to join, and proximity was key. He really just wanted a space nearby to squeeze in a workout here and there. The problem, which stands for many others out there, is our fluctuating, inconsistent schedules. If you go out of town regularly or find yourself falling in and out of your routine, it can be painful when your monthly membership bill rolls in.

The reality is, being tied down is a valid concern and issue for a lot of people, and committing to one monthly membership isn’t feasible for everyone. That’s where we come in. By repurposing unused spaces into private studios you can rent on-demand, at your own convenience and on a budget, we want to give you back the power. Whether your plan is to come twice a day, or once a month — that’s totally your call.

What we’ve learned about you along the way

When we opened our first space, we thought we were providing a solution to those who wanted privacy and convenience. We quickly learned that our customers, more often than not, are trainers. Why? Many gyms require trainers to pay out 50–80% commission. That’s when we realized we’re solving a much bigger problem, which is a professional’s need for independence! With us, trainers can earn much more and be their own boss, so they can finally take control of their own careers.

But, we’re not just here to empower trainers! Many influencers use our studios to shoot content for Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. They’re able to book the studio for however long they need for setting up and filming, without any external pressure from strangers walking around, ruining their shots. Opening your own studio is a luxury, to say the least, so with us, they can get the look and feel of a private, luxurious gym, without the cost and stress of running one.

As for traditional gym-goers, you no longer have to wait around for equipment, avoid attention from strangers, or be grossed out by people practically sweating on you. We’ve all been in at least one of those situations, and if you haven’t, you probably haven’t been to a big-box gym in North America. With us, you can expect a clean and equipped gym studio all to yourself, 100% of the time.

We’re not asking you to do this alone

Another big question we get is, “do I have to be alone when I use the Silo?” Oh, absolutely not! In fact, if anything we encourage you to use the space with others. That’s why you pay per hour, and not per person. Bring your trainer to keep you on track. Work out with a friend who’s going to push you. You can even go with a group of friends. Your space, your rules!

What’s in store

We’re evolving past a physical space, by building a platform that offers spaces, software, and services. We’re rebuilding and replacing the gym in order to make everyone more independent. We offer personal training certifications at our Silos, so that anyone who wants to be a trainer can get certified quicker and cheaper. We’re also expanding into a marketplace through Silofit Pro, so that you’ll be able to book both a Silo and a trainer, through our app. This will also allow you trainers out there to schedule and manage your clients, as well as find new ones.

By offering these three main pillars, we hope to empower you all. We want you to take control of your journey because our mission is to create spaces that can bring your goals — lofty or little — to life. In building these private studios for you, we hope to see your goals become a reality.




We’re the world's first network of private gyms. Book our studios by the hour to train clients, exercise with friends or work out alone. Your space, your rules.